You can reach out to any of our team members with questions about an upcoming event or how to get involved!


Charles Jackson





Charles Jackson, President



Yvette Nikki Winn, Executive Vice President

Brian Simms

Brian Simms, Vice President of Finances

Unity Watts, VP of Communications

Unity Watts, Vice President of Communications

Calvin Smith

Calvin Smith, Vice President of Policy and Procedures


Committee Directors

Community Outreach


Vacant Position, Director

Community Outreach Committee develops and implements projects designed to positively impact and empower the Greater Baltimore metropolitan community. The purpose of this committee is to provide different opportunities for members to get involved. Furthermore, this committee works to engage other community organizations to provide services and volunteer opportunities for our members and the community.

Interested in the Community Outreach Committee, contact Nikki Winn at executivevp@gblaimpact.org

Financial Empowerment






LaTeri McFadden,Ph. D,  Director

The Financial Empowerment Committee’s aim is to educate and empower adults, families, youths, organizations and churches with the tools to develop a financially healthy community. The Committee will utilize information from internal and external sources with expertise in banking, investments, lending and accounting fields.

Interested in the Financial Empowerment Committee, contact Lateri at financial@gblaimpact.org.

Special Events

Adon (2)

Adon Cherry-Bey, Director

The Masquerade Ball is the opportunity for GBLA and the community to salute the work of our members and our parent organization, the Greater Baltimore Urban League (GBUL). Each year the ball attracts attendees from Baltimore and surrounding areas helping to fund our annual programs. It has grown to be a premiere event in Baltimore each year and we hope you will be able to serve as a committee member.

Interested in the Special Events Committee, contact Adon at specialevents@gblaimpact.org

Political Empowerment


Stephanie Maddin Smith, Director

The Political Empowerment Committee will use the talents and resources available from persons, institutions and literature within and outside of GBLA in order to understand and affect the policies and initiatives that impact African American and other minorities, in order to achieve power and parity in these communities. We initially will rely on the professionals within GBLA – specifically those with expertise in local, state and national government, civil service and social policy fields to oversee this committee. We look to focus on the following subject matter.

Interested in the Political Empowerment Committee, contact Stephanie at political@gblaimpact.org.

Professional Development






LaTasha Abbott, Director

The Professional Development Committee plans and organizes speakers and activities for the General Body meetings; develops and presents forums and workshops to members to expose them to respected individuals in various professions; and facilitates the development of professional networks.

Interested in the Professional Development Committee, contact LaTasha at professionaldev@gblaimpact.org.

Public Health

Stacey Dyce

Stacey Dyce, Director

The Public Health Committee is dedicated to addressing health issues that predominantly and disproportionately affect African-Americans and other underrepresented populations. The committee accomplishes their agenda by facilitating programs that focus on educational awareness and prevention. As a result, we are able to meet the needs of families and communities while partnering with other organizations to reduce health disparities. Additionally, the Public Health Committee intends to be an outlet for public health professionals to fellowship and engage in civil service.

Interested in the Public Health Committee, contact Stacey at publichealth@gblaimpact.org

Youth Development

Jerome Alexander

Jerome Alexander, Director

The Youth Development Committee delivers education to the youth in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area by sponsoring mentoring, tutoring, and career planning workshops, and cultural activities aimed at positively impacting and enriching the lives of youth while encouraging them to excel in their educational endeavors.
Interested in the Youth Development Committee, contact Jerome at youthdevelopment@gblaimpact.org.

Marketing and Public Relations

Nekeisha Turner_

Nakeisha Turner, Director

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee will serve as a creative resource group for ideas, concepts, plans, strategies, programs, and activities pertaining to public relations, marketing, and advertising efforts of GBLA. The committee will engage in regular communication and collaboration with the other committees to support all of GBLA’s programs, events, and services. Common activities include working with the media, social media engagement and member communication.
Interested in the Marketing Committee, contact Nakeisha at marketingpr@gblaimpact.org .







Charquis Meadows, Director


Tonee Lawson, Director

The Membership Committee will recruit and encourage prospective members to join GBLA by introducing them to GBLA activities, orientating new members to GBLA, and providing networking opportunities for the membership. The Membership Committee is also committed to focusing on retention and building strategic partnerships for the continued growth of the organization.
Interested in the Membership Committee, contact Charquis Meadows at membership@gblaimpact.org.

Policy and Procedures

Calvin Smith

Calvin Smith, Vice President of Policy and Procedures

The Policy and Procedures Committee interprets bylaws; administers the election of Officers; sets guidelines for the campaign of those running for a GBLA office prior to the close of the nomination process; directs any investigation, presentation of evidence and voting procedure; and recommends guidelines and procedures for General Body and Executive Board meetings.
If you are interested in the Policy and Procedures Committee, contact Calvin at vppolicy@gblaimpact.org.







Nicole Tally, Director

The Fundraising Committee will create and coordinate activities to raise funds for community service and professional development programs sponsored by GBLA.

If you are interested in the Fundraising Committee or becoming director, contact Nicole Tally at fundraiser@gblaimpact.org.